EL-D-Bars Sarena

EL-D-Bars Sarena (Ramuls Justin x EL-D-Bars Katrena) - 1985
Sarena is a mare that has done it all, English, Western, trail, mountains, worked cows, dressage and jumping! An incredibly  athletic mare, beauty, size, substance with tons of go! She was one of Laura's first Morgan mares, purchased as a 6 year old. The 1st photo was taken in 1990 at the Alberta Beach annual horse show.
Sarena traveled many miles and then had some time off to have babies. When Sarena was 17 Kaytlyn started riding her in Pony Club. They went to shows, jumping lessons and did some cross country. At the age of 25 she became Brittany's 4H horse until the summer of 2012. 
Now at the age of 31 she is mostly retired and just goes for the occasional ride. She just had her teeth done and the vet couldn't believe what a great mouth she still has.......great genetics!
Katie cross country
Katie kate
Katie 2002
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