Our Youngsters

Below are pictures of the youngsters born in the last few years, all descendants from the Western Working bloodlines (Brunk and Goverment breeding). Ramuls Justin, Model, Rockwood, Shawalla and Triple S - these lines trace back to well known stallions such as Romanesque, Headlight Morgan, Jubilee King, Black Hawk, Flyhawk, Stetson, Red Oak, The Admiral, General Gates, Mentor, and Mansfield just to name a few!

Their sire is Tangowood's Wings of War, see the stallion page for more information on "Indy"


Tangowood's Morning Dawn - 2018 Filly SOLD

Img 0609

2018 Stud Colt - Indy x Destiny

Img 0626 1

2017 Foals (Aris & Warrior)

Destiny model

Tangowood's Wind Warrior - 2017 Palomino Stud Colt - FOR SALE

Tangowood's Wind Warrior (Tangowood's Wings of War x Ayesha's Miss Model) - "Warrior" was born May 2017 and is the first stud colt to be born on the place in many years. He is a gorgeous, smart and was definitely worth the wait!

Warrior is being offered for sale. Please see the Sales page for more information.


Img 0617

Mystik's Lady Solaris - 2017 Smoky Black Filly, "Aris"

Mystik's Lady Solaris (Tangowood's Wings of War x Mystik's Highview Destiny) - "Aris" was born May 28, 2017. She is a big bold beautiful girl and is definitely a keeper! 

Fullsizerender 7

Tangowood's Sangria Time - 2017 Palomino Filly, "Time"

Tangowood's Sangria Time (Tangowood's Wings of War x KT's Mystik Rayne) - Time was born May 30, 2017 and is also being retained. Such a super sweet beautiful dark golden girl. 

Fullsizerender 5

Mystik's Alberta Strong - 2016 Filly, Alley”

Mystik's Alberta Strong (Tangowood's Wings of War x Mystik's Highview Destiny) born May 17, 2016. A beautiful big strong filly! "Alley" has such an amazing personality, just like all her sisters...super friendly, athletic, brave and level headed. 


Mystik's Lady Luna (Below)

Mystik's Lady Luna (Tangowood's Wings of War x Mystik's Golden Sierra) - 2012 Filly
Luna is a beautiful dark palomino, she is sensitive with a sweet personality and has the most amazing neck and head! More information on the mares page.


Fullsizerender 37

Mystik's Country Belle (Below)

Mystik's Country Belle (Tangowood's Wings of War x Mystik's Noble Justice) - 2012 Filly 
Belle is very bold with lots of personality, not to mention she is as cute as can be! More information on the mares page.


Brittanyb megankrusephotography 5

Tangowood's Miss SunKist - 2014 Filly

Tangowood's Miss SunKist -  (Tangowood's Wings of War x Ayesha's Miss Model) Palomino filly, born May 14, 2014. "Kist" is a tall elegant filly with a very sweet curious personality, she is not for sale. 


Tangowood's Summer Rayne - SOLD

Tangowood's Summer Rayne (Tangowood's Wings of War x KT's Mystik Rayne) - 2015 Flaxen Filly. "Summer" has been sold and is living in Sweden. 

Tangowood's Fire it Up - SOLD

Tangowood's Fire it Up (Tangowood's Wings of War x Ayesha's Miss Model) - 2012 Palomino mare now living in Sweden with her filly Annebo Dancing in the Wind. 


Mystik's Golden Aero (Below) - SOLD

Mystik's Golden Aero - (Tangowood's Wings of War x Mystik's Golden Sierra) 2014 Palomino filly. "Aero" is now living in Dallas Texas.
Img 3124